Waste Management

Caltech is committed to making positive steps in the reduction and management of waste in Timor Leste.

With a strong belief that the earth was not received from our parents but borrowed from our children, Caltech considers the potential impact on the environment in all its business decisions.​

Caltech’s recycling program

  • ​Paper/Cardboard
  • Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals
  • Timber & Wood Products
  • PET bottles & Products
  • Anything else that can be recycled or reused

​Last year more than 50 truck-loads was recycled or re-used. Caltech is the only company in Timor Leste segregating waste before disposal.


Situated approximately 24 km north from Dili, Atauro Island is considered the “most bio-diverse waters in the world” according to Conservation International. Therefore it is imperative that its natural beauty is preserved for future generations to enjoy.