Creation of Caltech – specialists in management of construction projects (Founders J. Vezina and S. de Caldas – no employee)


Add the provision of construction Labour to our range of services (now 30 employees)


Acquire our main client machinery and equipment (Hazell Brothers Timor) to now start contracting in our own right.


First contact with Oil & Gas industry – start providing logistic support to the Clough-Amec joint Venture.  Purchase of budget hotel & restaurant – Paximus Lodge – renamed “Venture”


Recruit first full time two onshore employees for Oil & Gas duty (meet & greet / travel support)


Recruit first full-time onshore Office based employee for Oil & Gas duty (data clerk)


Start providing onshore engineering labout (8), logistic support & office space to Worley Parsons


Access to insurance – First resource offshore (4 Blaster-Painters)
By end of the year – 15 offshore employees
Launch of Caltech Australia: Support services to Caltech Timor


Start hiring Blasting & painting equipment to offshore clients (12 Quill Falcons 60)


Become an Accredited Marlins test center (English for Seafarers)
Start providing onshore resource (1), logistic support and office space to Bluewater (Kitan Field)


Bayu Undan – number of seconded Employees: Offshore resource in Miscellaneous blue-collar trades (45); onshore (25); Selected for full manning of MOS/Seafox Frontier ASV – 32 employees (Timorese and Filipinos in miscellaneous bluecollar trades)
Expand our offshore services to the Kitan field with Human resources (32) and blasting – painting equipment.
Launch of Caltech Singapore: Support services to Caltech Timor


Peak numbers – Operate on both Bayu Undan and Kitan; Total offshore resource in Miscellaneous trades (112); onshore (31);
Separation of entities (Oil & Gas services and General Contracting) with the creation of Caltech General Contracting (CGC) and purchase by CGC of all onshore equipment owned by Caltech (i.e. Caltech is now solely Caltech Offshore Services)


Industry crisis – cut back and operational changes.

  1. Change of main contractors to Conoco-Phillips on Bayu Undan:

    – Bureau Veritas replaced by Oceaneering for the NDT work – we retained our labour supply contract
    – Worley Parsons replaced by WoodGroup for the Engineering work – we retained our labour supply contract
    – Clough-Amec retained their maintenance contract – we retained our labour supply contract
    – MOS/Seafox retained their ASV supply contract – we retained our labour supply contract

  2. Closure of the Kitan Field in March 2016 – re-training of all employees assigned to this contract and successful transfer to Bayu Undan over the course of 2016


Back to peak numbers:
Total seconded offshore resource in Miscellaneous trades (105); onshore (36);
Launch of new services:

  1. Supply of Marine Chemicals (through a partnership with Wilhelmsen)
  2. Corporate travel solutions (through a partnership with Carlson Wagon Lite) – first contract for the entire Seafox Frontier crew


Total seconded resources workforce: Offshore – Miscellaneous trades (95); Onshore support (70)

Departure of the Accommodation Support Vessel (ASV) from the Bayu Undan field led to reorganisation of Caltech’s workforce, with many transitioning from offshore roles into onshore construction roles for continued skills development in preparation for redeployment to future offshore positions.

Launch of new services:

  • Provision of offshore catering and housekeeping staff during a 9 month drilling campaign in the Timor Sea
  • Commenced supply of offshore standard PPE in Timor Leste