Local knowledge, global mind-set

Locally-owned and operated with a 20-year presence in Timor-Leste, Caltech has a management team with an in-depth understanding of Timorese socio-cultural traditions. Out of this knowledge comes experience in handling these with respect and sensitivity while at the same time being able to strike the necessary balance with the requirements of and obligations to clients, in particular regarding work schedules in the offshore industry.

Caltech vetting/recruiting staff have tried and tested, locally derived, insight into identifying talent and potential amongst Timorese candidates that will meet the skillset and character requirements of clients.

Caltech’s office is staffed with multi-lingual local employees (Tetun and English as a minimum) as well as English-speaking ex-patriate specialists who understand the local scene well when communicating with clients on business matters.

By engaging us, our clients have access to bespoke local support services and benefit from a highly committed Timorese workforce. We continue to develop new services to meet client and Timor-Leste requirements, and welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs.

Our spheres of activity:

Recruitment and Workforce Management

Local Content

Training Services

Equipment Hire

Logistic Services

Office / Lay Down / Storage

Waste Management / Recycling

Marine Chemicals