A sustainable, growing society through the inclusion and development of Timor-Leste personnel and businesses.


To be a market leader – by providing our clients with integrated services while maintaining a work and safety ethic that favours the highest standards of quality, efficiency and reduces to the lowest level possible, risk to our workers, the community and potential impacts on the environment.

Our Values

RELATIONSHIPS: We deliver on our promises.

We value highly our relationships with clients, suppliers, colleagues and the community and seek to build strong ties based on open dialogue, trust, fairness and respect.  

EQUALITY: We are diverse

To us, equality is about more than equal treatment, opportunity and embracing diversity. We take care to accord each individual staff member dignity and respect, to meet his/her aspirations where possible, to encourage initiative in job roles and the belief in each individual that he/she is important to our collective success.

RESPONSIBILITY: We leave this a better place.

To our people: we act to ensure their welfare in the workplace, to foster potential and talent, and reward resourcefulness, motivation, and dedication.

To our environment: with a strong belief that the earth has been borrowed from our children, we consider the potential for impact on the environment in all our business decisions, always looking for ways to mitigate the negative and enhance the positive.

EVOLVE: We move forward

We believe a business should evolve into a better version of itself while retaining its core values. We pride ourselves on our readiness to respond positively to the unexpected, our flexibility, creativity and expediency in diversifying for the health of the business, and our culture of openness to new ideas.