Clough-AMEC Joint Venture

What do they do?

Hold the maintenance contract on Bayu Undan

What do we do?

  1. Recruited and now payroll all their Timorese employees (96 in total)

    POSITION                                             QTY
    Blaster-Painters                                     33
    Trade Trainees Electrical                        9
    Trade  Trainees Mechanical                   9
    Scaffolders                                             14
    Mechanical Pipefitters                            5
    Deckhands                                                3
    HSE Advisors                                            3
    Material Controllers                                2
    Total                                                        78

    POSITION                                             QTY
    Country Representative                         1
    Logistic Support Clerks                           2
    Data Analysts                                           4
    Data Clerks                                             10
    Driver                                                        1
    Total                                                        18

  2. Supply on a daily hire contract – up to 12 Quill Falcon 60 blasting units – currently 4
  3. Recruited and develop 8 Timorese construction workers under a skill development program targeting the less privileged (turn unemployable individuals into Timor tradesmen within 3 years) Note that we have now mobilized our first individual out of this program to an offshore position as a scaffolder after 3 years of training + 3 years of onshore work within Caltech. This means from unskilled to Offshore within 6 years….
  4. Supply of vehicles

In business relationship since: 

June 2004

Millennium Offshore Services / Seafox

What do they do?

Supply the ASV jack up rig (Frontier) for Bayu Undan

What do we do?

Awarded the manning contract for the ASV – Frontier in August 2014

At the time it represented 32 offshore personnel (14 were Timorese; the balance Filipinos recruited in the Philippines through a partnership with a Manilla based recruitment agency).

There was a downmanning in 2016 reducing the total number to 25

The make-up of our team is now as follows:​

  • 2x Deck foremen (all Filipinos)

  • 3x Radio Operators (at first all Filipinos; now two Timorese & 1 Filipino)

  • 2x Senior riggers (all Filipinos)

  • 8x riggers (At first 4 Filipinos & 4 Timorese; now all Timorese)

  • 4x mechanics (2 Filipinos & 2 Timorese)

  • 3x Electricians (At first 2 Filipinos & 1 Timorese; now 1 Filipino & 2 Timorese)

  • 3x HSE advisors (All Timorese)

  • 1x Material Controller (Timorese)

In business relationship since:

December 2011 (previously with a much smaller manning contract for the BURJ ASV; 4 deckhands)

August 2014 – beginning of current manning contract


What do they do?

Own and Operate the FPSO (Glas Dowr) in the Kitan field

What do we do?

1. Recruited and payrolled one Timorese onshore country representative.

2. Supplied on a daily hire basis an Ultra High Pressure blasting unit (DenSIn 2,500 bar) and all accessories

3. Trained and payrolled a team of 8 offshore UHP blaster-painters with back to back – i.e. 16 men (4 Filipinos leading hands and 12 Timorese).

4. On a separate contract, managed & payrolled all Timorese offshore Labour (17) seconded to Bluewater on the Glas Dowr FPSO.

       The positions were:

  • 1 Material controller

  • 11 deck crew and FRC team members

  • 4 trainee operators

5. Supplied Bluewater Timor Leste office in our compound at Venture as well as their Internet.

In business relationship since:

May 2013

Worley Parsons

What do they do?

Are pursuing onshore infrastructure work in Timor Leste and had the Engineering contract for Bayu Undan until mid-2016.

What do we do?

Recruited and now payroll all their Timorese onshore employees (now 2 but were 13 at peak)

In business relationship since:

January 2010


What do they do?

Took over the Engineering contract for Bayu Undan from Worley Parsons mid-2016

What do we do?

Manage and  payroll all their Timorese onshore employees working on the ConocoPhillips contract in the below positions:

  • Office administrator (1),

  • Draftsmen / Engineers (9),

  • Technical data clerks (2),

  • IT support technician (1)

In business relationship since:

June 2016


What do they do?

Oceaneering do Asset Integrity (Non Destructive testing) offshore as a ConocoPhillips Contractor

What do we do?

We supply

  • Offshore NDT Technicians (6)

  • Onshore Asset Integrity Coordinator (1)

In business relationship since: