Caltech’s responsibility, as a business with a deep-rooted entrepreneurial spirit operating in a developing country, is to put social value at the heart of everything we do.

  • With strong empowering leadership, Caltech always operates with integrity, in a transparent and accountable manner, thus safeguarding its health as a business, and enabling an entrepreneurial and co-operative spirit to support its development.
  • We work hard to create a positive environment that enhances employee well-being. When you walk into our workspaces there is an unmistakable culture of inclusiveness, equality and social purpose.
  • We provide our ex-patriate personnel and clients with cultural awareness training to optimise their effectiveness in working alongside and mentoring local staff.
  • We provide performance coaching that enables local personnel to realise their full potential when undertaking new skills learning and practice within an industry that requires the highest performance standards. This not only empowers the individual, but also ensures the security of client investment in skills development.
  • Poor health, whether due to work factors or not, impacts at individual, family and employer levels. We continue to ensure minimising health risks at work is a priority. Additionally, Caltech has developed working relationships with medical care practitioners who provide sound, consistent consultation and treatment for our employees for non-work-related health matters. This has helped us reduce absences due to health issues that may have otherwise impacted work attendance.
  • Caltech is an equal opportunities employer and is proud of its record in placing Timorese women in non-traditional job roles.
    • – Female employees currently 29% of Caltech workforce
    • – Our full-time offshore female workforce has been as high as 12% of our total offshore workforce – a noteworthy gender and development achievement in the global oil and gas industry
    • – Percentage of females in Caltech management roles is 71%
  • Once a candidate enters the Caltech family as an employee, we work hard to not only progress their career but ensure they are kept employed should their secondment to a client come to an end. For example, the Kitan field ceased production in March 2016 with the loss of 30 Timorese jobs. Whilst two chose to resign, 28 were kept employed by Caltech in onshore roles. These people were then cross-trained and over time the majority were found similar or alternative offshore roles with other clients on the Bayu-Undan facility.
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“Caltech can be seen as an exemplar for best practices around gender equality and realising the potential of its local female personnel. Herein resides a potent gender and development blueprint that could contribute in raising women’s empowerment benchmarks for global companies creating shared value in host developing countries. Caltech’s success as a development agent for women’s empowerment is reflected in its local knowledge of and ability to attract Timorese female talent, and its enlightened and invested understanding of the need for Timorese women’s strategic empowerment interests to be fostered beyond basic equal rights and economic thresholds. The company has long-established pro-active practices of equal opportunities, and a development ethos based around identifying Timorese potential and opening skills training opportunities for this to be actualised beyond the entry-level. Senior personnel (male and female) have exhibited a strong commitment towards the development of new female identities that are breaking negative feminine stereotypes in their society. They have foreseen the need for such identities exemplifying competent, confident leaders capable of ensuring the ongoing well-being of themselves and their families, and adding to the ripple of Timorese women who, in expecting and promoting gender equality in their society, can influence change.”

Dr Virginia Adams (2020)

Management Systems

Caltech has developed mature management systems in order to deliver best practice services to our international clients. Our Integrated Management System (IMS) is structured in accordance with the requirements of the following standards:

  • ISO9001 Quality Management
  • AS/NZS4801 Occupational Health & Safety
  • ISO14001 Environmental Management 

While we are not currently certified, our major clients audit us annually against these standards with consistently good results.